Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keeping Neat Rednesday Style

I've been so focused on Christmas red that I was racking my brain trying to think of what to share today...

Then I started cooking dinner and...there they were....

my aprons!

The first one is from Gooseberry Patch...

The second one I got on ebay, but it's from Williams-Sonoma originally....

The third one is my favorite and Worker Bee gave it to me last Christmas.  It's from Cost Plus World Market.  Can you guess why it's my favorite?  That's right!  'Cause I'm Queen of the Kitchen!

I'd like to thank my special model for today's Rednesday post....Baby Bee!

And here's a bonus apron - Baby Bee's very own polka dot apron.

Thanks again Sue from It's a Very Cherry World for hosting Rednesday for us all.  Be sure to stop by to see what other sweet little reds there are out in Bloggerville.

And thank you for stopping by!  Hope you're staying warm and cozy!


  1. Sweet Bee, I love red and I love aprons! Tell the model she did a wonderful job!

  2. Be still my heart! Those aprons are fabulous! I'm so glad you came by. I read through several posts and really enjoyed them all. And I see you're in Central California too. I can relate to the fog! I'm looking forward to checking out more of your blog.

  3. Very cute aprons! And what a sweet model you have!

  4. You have some very pretty apron's there, thanks for sharing.
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  5. Two of my favorite things, my love of red and aprons. I love these. Thanks for sharing.

  6. All of your aprons are just beautiful, but my favorite is Baby Bee's, with the pretty ruffle and polka dots! She did a wonderful job modeling, and she has such beautiful hair!
    Happy REDnesday!

  7. Wow those are pretty aprons...I love to cook but never had an apron I might try to sew my own (crossing my finger to that hehe). Thanks for sharing!

    Rednesday:Macopa fruit

  8. I heart Baby Bee's apron! Those are all such pretty aprons and red is my favorite color. I wish I would remember to wear my aprons! I've ruined more clothes than I like to admit to by not doing so.


  9. You have a beautiful red apron collection! I have just started wearing aprons! They are the best! I just wonder why I didn't use them sooner! I hope you are having a great Rednesday! Nice post! SHerri : )

  10. Now you know very well I'm loving that red and white polka-dotted one! What a gracious model you have there.

  11. I love all the aprons,especially the toile one!


  12. It's hard to choose a favorite - they're all so perfect! Great post - thanks for sharing them!

  13. I love all the aprons ! The model was fantastic ! ;~)

  14. Each apron was prettier than the one before it! Beautiful collection!



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