Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just a Teensy Bit More for Christmas

Isn't it sweet?  How do you save your baby's special projects?

Thanks for stopping by!  Still no sun here for what seems like years now, so most of my pictures are too dark - holding out for a little sunshine!


  1. Sweet Bee, I have kept both of daughters artwork and school work for all these years either in frames or stored in 2 huge boxes in my closet! After Amber passed away they mean sooo much to me! We decided to place a footmarker at her gravesite and I searched thru my treasures and found a wonderful signature of hers we had engraved. I would not take anything for my girls "goodies". They are so hold on to them and cherish them.

  2. I think I gave all my girls' art things to them. That or I've managed to lose them. Wait till menopause. You won't be able to remember where you put your brain. That sure is cute. I bet she's bursting with pride!


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