Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Vintage Cottages

This is definitely a collection.  Good thing I don't collect real houses like I collect sweet little needlepoint cottages.

I bought both of these on ebay.  I don't see them around much in my area, but they are abundant on ebay. The blue one started the whole thing.
Wouldn't this be a sweet cottage to actually live in? Do you think it could be in England?  The East Coast?  Maybe here in California? 
If you want to see more of my collection you can visit them here.  The truth must be told here - I keep these in my bathroom too.  I am sure needlepoint preservationists are fainting away at that, but they gotta' live where they get to be seen - and everyone gets to see them in the bathroom!  
It's Show and Tell today at Cindy's Romantic Home.  I'm sure you'd enjoy a visit with some of the other participants.  


  1. There's not really any point in preserving something, if nobody ever sees it.

    Fun post, Nice cottages, don't you wish you could collect real ones?

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. I tellya...I don't think there's anything wrong with placing them in the bathroom?!!! Nothing at all.

    They're all so beautiful. Your WORK - not bathrooms. LOL

    My show n tell is all about Valentine stuff this week.


  3. Those are beautiful. Do you needlepoint or cross stitch? I used to do a little cross stitching years ago. Rosie

  4. I love your needlepoint cottages. It does not matter where they are displayed as long as they can be seen and bathrooms definitely get a lot of traffic!

    Thank you for sharing them with us.

    ~ Tracy

  5. I love your needle point cottages.i only have one but I am on the lookout for more.


  6. lovely. I have a thing too for cottages and home pictures.

  7. I left you a coment earlier and it did not appear... it may later!
    I love your needlepoint pieces. I found a piece the other day going through my closet I did as a teenager... yeah it's pretty old :)
    I may take it apart and remake the pillow.

  8. Oh, it is such a charming cottage. I would definitely have bought that too. I love needlework. laurie

  9. Sweet Bee, these are adorable. And I totally go for the bathroom for displaying them. They remind me of some of Mary Englebreit's home sweet home cards. Aren't our collections fun? Sherry

  10. I love vintage!! These are sooo cute!!

    BTW, hanks for stopping over at Bird Crafts and for the lovely comment concerning my kitchen!! :)
    I am sorry I have not stopped sooner, but I was organising a GIVEAWAY!

    For details on how to enter go to:

    And good luck!! :)


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