Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Own Little Vintage Cottages

Wouldn't you like to walk in the door of one of these cottages?

What would that house look like in real life?

Who might live in there?

I sometimes wonder about all these things as I look at these vintage needlepoint cottages.

It all started one day on ebay when I typed in the word "cottage."  That was it - just "cottage."  Out of hundreds if not thousands of auctions, I clicked on these two and at the last minute (yes, I was one of those people) scooped them up.

They've lived here at Candy Cane Sweet Bee Cottage for a few years now.  Should I tell you what room they live in?  No I shouldn't,  but I will - they live in our hall bathroom.  Try not to be too horrified.  I just love them with our bright floral wallpaper.  They have a few more companions that I'll share with you another day.

Thanks for stopping by!  I am always delighted by your comments and visits!

Special thanks to Cindy from My Romantic Home for hosting this lovely event.  I hope you enjoy all that others have to show and share.


  1. How sweet....I love 'em framed.

    Mine's posted's another new one for my collection of Holiday Decor..La Befana

  2. These are so charming! It sounds like you were meant to have these, finding them at the last minute and all.

  3. Your cottages are so sweet! I am always drawn to these at antique stores, but they always want more than what I am willing to spend. I'm sure I'll find one some day. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh, I love those cottages, too! They would look sweet in any room of the house that is for sure. Lucky you that you were able to get them at the last minute! Vicki (I love a good cup of coffee, too!!)

  5. Both of those cottages are just adorable. I also love their cheerful colors, as a child I would have made up all kinds of stories about who lived in them! (maybe now too!HA!) Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Cottage bathrooms should look inviting too!! You should see my Auntie Toni's bathroom..oh, just enchanting and that sounds too weird to say about a bathroom, but it's true!!
    I'm still decorating mine...
    I love those last minute buys on Ebay :)

  7. I adore your needlepoint cottages. They are just so sweet. Thanks for sharing them with us. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment on my Christmas decor.

  8. They're very sweet! I do like to imagine who would live in various little cottages.

  9. These are just darling!

    Thank you for sharing and have a GRAND weekend.


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