Sunday, December 13, 2009

Something Fresh

Had an extra Christmas cake plate and wanted to do something low on the coffee table.

So I came up with this....

I bought 7 plain white candles at Walmart and then I spotted this apple green ribbon.  I am just loving that green with Christmas red.

Next I cut a length of ribbon to wrap around all of the candles.  I got out my low temp glue gun and glued the ribbon to the candles so it wouldn't move while I kept them tightly grouped and continued wrapping it around the cluster of candles.

Here it is on our coffee table in our living room.

Just perfect for what I needed!  Bright and cheery!

Don't you love when that happens?

Thanks for stopping by today! I always enjoy our little visits.


  1. Very cute idea. Tying those smaller candles together with a ribbon give them a bigger impact. Nice work!

  2. I love those simple inexpensive ideas that make you smile every time you look at them!

  3. Neat the ribbon....blessings

  4. Sweet idea, and I also love that apple green with the red! You are one creative cookie!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. That looks so festive and I love the green spotted ribbon..Lucey xx

  6. That is a cute idea. Nice use of all the elements. I like when I can use kitcheny items around the house.


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