Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Welcome to My Classroom

Yes, I'm here working in my class today, but I thought I would take a few minutes here to show you some of my home away from home.

Fabulous Phyllis sewed this seat cushion for me.  Do you see the Mary E. fabric welting?

I painted this lamp black and then covered a lampshade with some different Mary E. fabric.  I LOVE the giant black ric rac on the edge of the shade.

Do you see a Mary Engelbreit theme going on here?  I teach my students many things over the year but one of the most memorable is who Mary Engelbreit is.  I have students who are now in their twenties who still remember how much I love Mary E.

The Sewing Bee made this valance.  I made the little banner.  I used some cherry ribbon I had to string the letters on.

Sewing Bee made these pillows too.  I choose different students every day to use the pillows when I read to them.

Do you think I have enough Mary E. magnets?

I really want my students to love to read.  Do you think they get the message?  I hope so!

I have some plans for painting some of the furniture in here too.  Yes, we teachers sometimes spend our own money on furniture for our classrooms, especially if we want it to be comfortable and cozy.

How would you decorate your work space?

Thank you for stopping by!  Once I get some of those projects done, I'll share them with you.  Of course, they might not happen until the summer!


  1. What a wonderful learning environment! It must be sheer bliss to be in that room, and you can never go wrong decorating ala Mary E! You make me want to go up in the attic and get out all of my old ME magazines!

  2. Can I come learn in your classroom? I LOVE anything ME. I have so many of your things that you have in your classroom. Too cute!

  3. It does look very cozy in your classroom space. I love ME. Wish they hadn't done away with the magazine!

  4. You are my kinda teacher!!
    What a wonderful learning space :)
    When my daughter was little, she wrote Mary E. ( I didnt know it!) to tell her she loved to draw and make things too and would like to be Mary's friend!
    Mary did write a short note thanking her, but saying she was a bit busy to keep in touch but hoped my daughter would continue to love to create.
    She does. She's a tatoo artist. Not QUITE what I had in mind for a career choice when she was 10 years old........but she does good work :$
    I am going to start getting my little cottage next door to our house set up for my crafting...I am not sure how I am going to do it yet, but it probably will be thrift-store chic!

  5. I too love Mary E. I used to have a lot more of her than I do now. BUT HER THINGS ALWAYS MAKE ME SMILE!!



  6. ME is so perfect for a classroom! I love her stuff and have followed her over the last 20-30 years.... I think she is going to be a classic. Who couldn't love a learning space like this!


  7. Not only is the room visually pleasing and stimulating (and cozy), it's probably more fun for you to be there when it's decorated with things you like. What a fun thing to pass on to your students and be remembered for.


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