Monday, December 21, 2009

All I Want for Christmas Is...One Quiet Night!

We have been super busy!

On Friday, my school's Christmas Party was at our house.  I missed getting pictures of that.

On Saturday, the 20th Annual Christmas Bake-a-thon was at our Candy Cane Sweet Bee Cottage.

On Sunday, the Sewing Bee came over and we hand dipped peanut brittle in dark chocolate.  Oooooo! Yummy!  Then we watched White Christmas for the first time.  I thought we'd seen it many years ago, but I think I'm thinking of Holiday Inn.

Today the Reader Bee, Cutter Bee, and Baby Bee made gingerbread Christmas trees.  I used kits I got last year at half price. These kits keep just fine and who cares if they're stale?  We're definitely not going to eat them!

Reader Bee

Baby Bee

Cutter Bee

Tomorrow Baby Bee and I are are going to tea with Sewing Bee, Reader Bee, and Cutter Bee at a delightful little tea shop in Old Town Clovis.  Last year we went for the first time and it's become a tradition apparently.  Isn't it funny how with children you do something once and it's a tradition?  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures tomorrow to share with you.

We also had our winner of the giveaway!  Congratulations to .............

Her package will be on its way tomorrow morning!

Thank you for stopping by!  I still have more to share for Christmas!

I'll be keeping the hot chocolate warm for your next visit.  Do you want marshmallows on that next time?


  1. All those cookies look wonderful. I'm behind on my baking but afraid to do too much more because I'm afraid to eat too much more!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving nice comments. Wow, you really have been a busy bee! Thinking I've shortchanged my kiddos when looking at all you've done with your little bees. (not going to let them see this;) And all that baking looks delicious! Wonderful idea about the kits. I'm going to look for some this year. We just moved to our area last year and have looked everywhere for a quaint tea shop. No luck. Our family used to frequent one during the holidays. So fun! Enjoy your day!


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