Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Could She Be Any More Organized? OH YES SHE COULD! But...

....this helps!

What is it about the start of the New Year?  I always feel this uncontrollable urge to get things organized.  Maybe it's the three weeks off and no place to go that makes me feel like I can tackle some of these big projects.  So, this is one of them....

I am a cookbook collector and I'm always trying new things, but I really want to keep my cooking and menu planning organized.  I made a database for several of my cookbooks listing the recipe name, the name of the cookbook, the page number, the dish category and what some of the main ingredients are.  Otherwise I might spend hours just looking through my cookbooks for a certain type of dish.  I'll keep the database on my computer, but I'll also print one out for additional reference.  I can sort the list by ingredients, type of dish, and its name.

I also use a weekly menu planning form and a grocery list sorted by category that I created a couple years ago.

Once school is back in session in a couple weeks I won't have time for this project but I hope it will help me cook simple and healthy meals.

I just wish the weather would stay dry for a couple days so I could get some painting done.  It's just been too damp, rainy, and foggy here.  I shouldn't complain because we really need the rain so I'll cross my fingers for some dry weekends in January and February!

So glad you popped in for a visit!


  1. Just wanted to swing by and thank you for coming by and your sweet comment! I'm now following you too. :)

  2. Wow, I'm impressed. That's awesome how organized you are. Rosie


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