Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Rednesday at Candy Cane (aka Sweet Bee) Cottage!

We have the best little spot in our kitchen for hanging out, visiting, grading papers, and writing blog posts.  It's our kitchen table and I had my uncle build us some custom benches for the corner for us to rest on. Those benches are just the perfect spot to snuggle into with some red Christmas pillows.  Baby Bee's BFF was over and couldn't believe we have pillows for every holiday we use on those benches.  Well, that's how we roll at Candy Cane Sweet Bee Cottage!

The rest of these gorgeous pillows were created by Amy from Into Vintage.  I got them all on ebay over a couple of Christmas seasons.

These are pillows are one of my favorite (okay, who am I kidding, all my decorations are my favorites) things to unpack for Christmas.

Thanks so much for coming by today.  I hope you enjoyed your stay.

Be sure to stop by Sue's at It's a Very Cherry World to see all the other red treasures out there!


  1. Love, love, love the pillows. I try to buy something I really love every year. It's usually a pillow! Lisa
    PS I love the gingerbread house tradition.

  2. Hi there,
    Happy REDnesday to you! I adore your pillows! They are so pretty and festive! I think I like the one with the pinecones the best but they are all wonderful. Love your gingerbread house tradition! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.

    Christmas blessings,

  3. Thanks so much for posting the pics of the pillows I've made! You definitely have a cozy, Christmas cottage going on there :-) -amy

  4. Those pillows look like they are all made of vintage fabric, and they probably are, right?! I love them all, and they're a great idea for using tablecloths that are maybe a little too stained. I would hate to cut up a tablecloth, but it would be good to give the fabric new life in the form of a pillow!
    Happy REDnesday!

  5. That does look like a great spot! All the pillows are so cute.

  6. I must say i LOVE the way you put baskets in your fridge. What a great idea, never thought of that one.
    Love your pillows. I have so many also that I have to hide them in trunks and bring them out for each season.
    happy Rednesday
    Love Claudie

  7. I have some of Amy's pillows too - they are amazing! And she is super nice to boot!

  8. What cheerful pillows. Really puts one in the Christmas spirit. Rosie

  9. I just love pillows made out of vintage linenes!!!! And the Candy Cane pillow is too cute! I would love that one! I am hoping to have a bench in my kitchen next year to put these kind of fun things on.....thanks for sharing such fun things!

  10. I love that y ou have pillows for all holidays...and especially love that candy cane pillow. How cute is that?

    Great post -- great bench to snuggle in for the cold days of winter.

  11. Wow love those pillows for sure whoever would sleep on it would have a sweet dream ^_^

    My Rednesday

  12. Oh, I love them! They definitely look like you would want to snuggle down in them all!

  13. Beautiful pillows!
    Merry christmas !


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