Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Pantry is Reborn!

It's been a busy weekend here at Sweet Bee Cottage.  It was meet my nemesis.

Sure it looks like an innocent chalkboard pantry door, but .... behind it lurked ..... Messopolis!  A land where nothing was organized and things were stuffed in willy-nilly.  A place no one wanted to go.  

See what I mean?
Well it needed painting but that wasn't in the plans...yet.... but I had to do something to make it fresh and  - well - cute.

You just know the Cricut is coming out for this -
I (or I should say the Cricut) cut out scallops which Baby Bee then folded.  We taped those to the edge of the shelf.  It still needed something. Then I remembered - I had some Susan Branch shelf liner hidden away.  Just what those shelves needed!
It was now reorganization time - oh boy! (No, I DO really like to reorganize things.  It gives me some kind of warped joy.)

Now all the appliances - except the precious espresso maker and toaster - are all living in the pantry.  Pots and pans too.  

I even made labels.  Yeah!  I love making labels too. 

Isn't it pretty?

Worker Bee, Baby Bee, and I just keep walking by and peering inside - transfixed by the organizational nirvana within its walls.  

It was worth the effort!  Oh and you know how it goes - not only did the pantry get cleaned out but so did most of the other cupboards and drawers.  I even got my new spice cabinet hung.  I'll be sure to post on that soon.

Well thanks for coming by and seeing what we were up to this weekend.  It took a lot of lattes to get the job done.  I made an extra one for you.

Oh and bonus points for those of you who thought - this doesn't go with the new color scheme for the kitchen.  I know, I know but the job needed to be done and I went with what I already had - the bones are there for when I'm ready for the complete transformation.  

I've joined the party at Cottage Instincts for

I hope you can stop by and check out what others have made.
So glad you stopped by!


  1. LOL....I was just thinking that you were going more neutrals.....
    Oh well, at least it is DONE and oh-so-adorable, too. Wonderful job to you and little Bee....


    PS: I have to thank you for the sweet comment you left last week. You made me smile! ;)

  2. So cute and adorable and I love the fact that you did it with what you had on hand! Just too cute! I love Susan Branch and Mary Engebreit so much! Are you sure you are not my younger twin sister? We have such similar tastes.
    I will post my giveaway from your blog as soon as I receive it :)

  3. Oh, Sweet Bee, your pantry is charming. Who cares if it matches the kitchen, the door is closed! I spent the weekend redoing my studio space, hoped to finish but I think I'm 85% there! Nice, but not as cute as yours!

  4. So cute! What a fun project!

  5. Yes it is pretty! So very cheerful and organized too!

  6. Whoo-Hoo! How absolutely cute is that!
    Happiest pantry I've ever seen !
    Enjoy the fruits of your efforts!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  7. If a pantry can be gorgeous, yours is! Great job!

  8. What a cute pantry redo! Enjoy your newly organized space :)


  9. The organisation bug seems to be going around. I love your pantry! It looks great, must be so rewarding to look at that little piece of organisation in you home.

  10. You makeover is lovely. I know how much work that is in cleaning out a "pantry.

    Good for you!



  11. Well, I'm jealous. I better go clean something now!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  12. I love an organized (and coordinated!) pantry!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! = )

  13. Darling! Only you could make a dingy pantry look like a Mary Engelbreit card! Dinner time might even be fun. That is a chore I really need to do, you may have inspired me girl! Good work to baby-bee too. Lisa

  14. Haven't had a pantry since I was a little girl. What I remember, organization-wise, was rubber bands on the doorknob and grocery bags folded and tucked in between the fridge and the wall. However, you did inspire me to tackle my current kitchen cabinets and I got as far as collecting Costco trays before my back went wonky on me. No lifting/carrying/reaching up for a while. But I'll get started on covering and labeling the trays. So thanks again for the motivation.

  15. I love organized spaces and you created a really cute one! Thanks for sharing!


  16. I have got to get a cricut. That looks great, and how clever of you to transform this pantry with what you had on hand. laurie

  17. Oh, I missed this post! I am in love with this pantry. I guess I will have to one day get a Cricut machine, as that is my favorite part of your makeover! I don't even know what all those things do. But I could never have cut those scallops so accurately!

  18. Sweet Bee, Just sat down to check out the blog in the new year............yes, I know I'm a bit behind. The pantry looks AMAZING!!!!! Love ya the Singing Nun!!

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