Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meet Charlotte

Baby Bee was given a homework assignment - create a three dimensional character from Charlotte's Web.  Well I was inspired by all the Liquidambar (yes, I checked the spelling on that) balls rolling around our front yard so Baby Bee and I got to work.

We painted.  We glued.  We put beads on.  We cut and bent chenille stems.

And the piece de resistance - a web that says, "Terrific."

Presentations were made on Friday and Baby Bee did great.

Edited to add:  How did we make the web?  Baby Bee drew what she wanted the web to look like.  We laid it under some kitchen parchment paper and I happened to have some silvery glitter paint that we traced the design with.  We tried this with wax paper first but the paint just ran together.

So nice of you to drop in.  I'll be happy to make you a nice cup of tea next time.  Just let me know how you take it......

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  1. That's so cute, how creative!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my music! I've debated keeping music on there since I know a lot of people want to mute it but I enjoy it. Have a great Sunday!

  2. That is the cutest spider I have ever seen!
    In the South we have our sweet tea!
    I will right over :)

  3. That is a mighty cute little sweet gum spider!! :-)
    Our neighbor has a tree, so we get those in the yard all the time. When the kids were little they called them "prickle pods".

  4. Yikes, so many painful memories of stepping on those pointy little things in my grandpa's yard. She made a great little Charlotte though! Very creative.

    It's Sunday afternoon and starting to sprinkle here again. I lived in Fresno several times during my life and now we're a little north in Merced. Lots of memories there.

  5. What a great project! Your little Charlotte is darling. We don't have those here. You did a wonderful job of re-purposing! :)


  6. So cute and creative!

    - The Tablescaper

  7. What a great idea for these pods. I used to have a stash of them that my brother picked up for me-I drilled them and made garlands of them. I love nature crafts! Sherry

  8. Perfect! We used to have those 'poky balls' (as my kiddos used to call them) all over our yard. Now I miss them, as they would add such cool texture to my winter decorating along with pinecones, nuts, etc.

    Love that spider!

    Glad you could Mi4M :)


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